Past Captains of Her Excellency The Baroness of Seagirt's Own Grenadiers


Don Prospere de Montsegur

Per pale, sable and azure an octopus displayed or, orbed in sinister azure, orbed in dexter sable.

Don Iain Guthrie

Ruaidhri Silverhand

Vincent the Chased

Connal MacLaomuinn

Pierce O'Briain

Master Guidobaldo Marco Odo Romeo d'Aquila

Daffodil 25

AS 36


Daffodil 26

AS 37


Daffodil 27

AS 38


Daffodil 28

AS 39


Daffodil 29

AS 40


Daffodil 30

AS 41


Daffodil 31

AS 42



Daffodil 32

AS 43


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Vincent the Chased

Daffodil 33

AS 44


Daffodil 34

AS 45


Baron Lachlan Mac an Toisich,

A bend sinister argent, overall a cross bottony Or.

Vincent the Chased

Daffodil 35

AS 46


Daffodil 36

AS 47


HL Violante von Oesterreich
Perpale argent and purpure, two horses heads erased addorsed counterchanged

Daffodil 37

AS 48


Krzysztof Sirtaski

Daffodil 34

AS 49


Wulfgar Bradaxe

Gyronny arrondi ermine and sable, a bordure gules bezanty